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Legend has it, that the donor of our Club. Sir Salar Jung Bhahadur II used our Club premises as a hunting lodge. He also had an excellent collection of horseflesh. 12 horses were stabled here. Over a period of time we removed our horses. The stables fell into a state of disrepair, now we are refurnishing it by retaining the same area, the tiles were removed cleaned and refitted back. All the tiles go back to the year 1865 which we have preserved carefully and used. An open air Futsal (a smaller football game "six-a-side") area is being created next to the stables - the Stables are now designated as the BISTRO. It is going to be a funky fun-filled place for youngsters with mis-matched furniture, music and wide screen TV serving dry snacks, coffee, tea, soft-drinks etc; No alcohol will be permitted there.