Billiard & Snooker

Month after month it’s a great delight to discover and write about the “Gems” in our Club.

This month we bring to our Members another gem of our Club. Our Billiard & Snooker Room and its accessories.

Legend has it that the British Armed Forces stationed in India made it very popular. In the year 1875, Sir Neville Chamberlain, who went on to become the Prime Minister of UK suggested adding colour balls to make it into the “Snooker” game.

This was done at the Officers Mess in Jabalpur (MP).

The first set of rules for snooker were also drafted at Ootacamand in then Madras province in 1882.

In a reversal of events the then British Billiards Champion sought permission from Sir Neville Chamberlain to introduce “Snooker” to England in 1885.

Over the years India produced many greats in this game to name a few who played at our Club are Mr Wilson Jones in the year 1972 Sept; Mr Michael Ferreira and Mr Pankaj Advani. All three being world champions at various times.

The oldest snooker table in our Club dates back to the year 1892 and then 2 more were added.

The 1892 table has eight (8) sturdy legs with a frame on top with 6 (six) holes.

A set of 5 two inch Italian slate stones rest on the frame on which the green baize cloth is pasted. The edges have a protrusion to protect the balls from hitting the wooden frame directly – these are called cushions. They are made of teak wood covered with felt cloth.

This beauty and its two other sister tables are in absolutely immaculate condition.