Card Room
  • Card Room Charges:
    Monthly – Rs. 400/-
    Daily – Rs. 100/-
    Guest (per day) – Rs. 100/-
    Bridge Monthly – Rs. 300/-
    Bridge Daily – Rs. 100/-
  • One extra hour is only permitted on payment of Rs.50 – as late fee per head
  • At no time will the stakes for Bridge and Rummy exceed Re.1/- per point
  • Rummy of only 13 cards is permitted to be played
  • No guests are permitted on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Reservation of Card room Tables:

  • Not more than two (2) tables of Rummy in the Card Room and one table in the Bridge Room shall be reserved on any working day and no table shall be reserved on Saturday, Sundays and holidays
  • Reservation must be done one day in advance and the date, time and table number should be noted in the reservation book kept in the Card Room or with the Steward of the Card Room
  • Maximum time of five (5) hours reservation will be allowed on any single day and if the reserved table is not occupied within one hour of specified time of reservation, the reservation fee will be charged to the Member who has reserved the table and the table can thereafter be occupied by any other Member(s)
  • Table Reservation
    Card Room (per day) – Rs. 150/-
    Bridge (per day) – Rs. 100/-
  • The table reservation is done for five (5) hours. The reservation is reckoned from the time specified in the reservation book

Everyday, 10:00 am to midnight