Membership Categories

Permanent Member (Under General Category)

Those persons who are deemed eligible by the Managing Committee and who are permanent residents of the Greater Hyderabad – Secunderabad Area and after duly applying are elected under the provisions of Rule V shall be deemed to have become Permanent Members from the date of their election.

Permanent Children Category

A child of a Permanent Member or a Lady Member who is a widow and continues to be a widow of a deceased Permanent Member on his attaining the age of 25 years and on his application within 6 months may be elected as a Permanent Member, after due balloting, subject to the following conditions:

Such person has been a Dependent Member for at least 9 years as a son/daughter of a Permanent Member or an Associate Member who is the declared spouse as above of deceased Permanent Member and has paid the Club subscription under sub rule XV 2 (a) (ii) continuously from the attainment of 16 years of age to the attainment of 25 years of age.

Associate Member Lady (AML)

Existing Associate Member Lady shall continue till eligible. No new AMLs shall be inducted. Subject to the provisions of these Rules, the right of an Associate Member (Lady) to use the Club shall include her husband and dependent children.

Lady Members

A Lady, who is unmarried who is a widow or who is judicially separated or divorced, shall not be open for any new member and will lapse with the Membership of the last existing Member as on 1st Aug 2013.
A lady shall be deemed to have become a Lady Member from the date of her admission by the Committee.

Associate Members

Widows and Widowers of Permanent Members, being declared Spouse (limited to one declared spouse), may be admitted as Associate Members on applying within 6 months of becoming Widow / Widower and on being duly admitted without ballot by the Managing Coommittee under the provisions of these Rules.

Membership of Associate Members (Widow / Widower) shall cease on their remarrying.

Mess / RSI Members

Commissioned Officers of the Defence Services, belonging or attached to any Officers’ Mess, who apply through the President of the Mess shall be admitted as Mess Members, provided that the total number so admitted does not exceed 1100. This limit may be reviewed by the General Body from time to time.

The President of the Mess shall undertake to pay subscription and any other dues of all its Officers.

Corporate Members

Any Company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956 or any Body established by a special statute of the State or Central Government or any internationally renowned Industry or Association (not including a Co-operative Society under any law relating to Co-operative Societies) having an office or place of business in Greater Hyderabad – Secunderabad Area, may apply for Membership as a Corporate Member.

Any Company whose paid up capital is less than Rs.2Crore and a sum of Rs.5 Crore networth shall not be entitled to apply for Corporate Membership.

The total number of Corporate Members shall not exceed 250.

On admission to Corporate Membership as provided in Rule IX (5), a Corporate Member shall be entitled to nominate upto 5 Nominees who are its whole time Directors or other full-time senior executives and are resident in Hyderabad – Secunderabad Area, for use and enjoyment of all the facilities offered by the Club to its Members, subject to payment of the admission fee as provided in Rule XIV.

Every Corporate Member, during its continuance as a Corporate Member, shall be entitled to effect a change of its nominees for its own reason and apply to the Committee for election of a fresh nominee. The Committee shall thereupon elect the fresh nominee following the same procedure for balloting as provided in Rule XI.

Temporary Members

Long Term Temporary

A person may be admitted under Rule IX to Long Term Temporary Membership for a period of three years provided that the applicant is not a permanent resident or has no permanent interests in Greater Hyderabad – Secunderabad Area and has not been a resident for a period exceeding six months prior to the date of his application and has come down to Greater Hyderabad – Secunderabad Area for a temporary stay in the course of employment or transfer.

The term of a Long Term Temporary Member may be extended at the discretion of the Committee for a period of one year at a time subject to a maximum of three such extensions provided such a Long Term Temporary Member has not since acquired any permanent interests in Greater Hyderabad – Secunderabad Area and the stay here has been extended in the course of employment and provided further that such a person makes an application for extension under Rule IX at least one month prior to the expiration of membership.

Short Term Temporary

A person who has resided in the Greater Hyderabad – Secunderabad Area for a period not exceeding 6 months prior to the date of application may be admitted under Rule IX as a Short Term Temporary Member for a period of upto three months. However, subject to the provisions of these Rules, the Committee may extend this membership for a maximum period not exceeding six months in the aggregate.

Affiliated Members

Shall mean visiting Members of their Clubs which have affiliation arrangements with our Club and their rights and liabilities shall be determined in accordance with the respective affiliation agreements. This Rule shall be deemed to have always been in existence with effect from 01-04-1961.