Members are informed that neither the Club nor the Staff shall take responsibility for the loss of cash or expensive watches and jewellery. They are requested not to bring all these to the Club or deposit them with

Club Affiliation

Members will be happy to know that our Club is now also affiliated to:
Amar Singh Club, Jammu
Postal Address: Bikram Chowk, Jammu (TAWI) – 180003
Telephone No’s: 0191-2433085, 2433146, 2456291 (FAX)
Website: www,

Cosmopolitan Club
Postal Address: 22nd Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560 011
Telephone Nos: 080-26630093, 26630110, 26631097

Department – wise email id’s for easy accessibility by members

Members are aware that all communications are being received / sent centrally through till now. However, in order to improve the efficiency of service, department-wise email-ID’s are being provided to all HOD’s for smooth operations. Members are requested to kindly make note of the email ID’s.

S.No Department Email Id’s
1 Accounts
2 Transit Quarters
3 F&B
4 Purchase
5 Membership
6 HR / Personnel
7 Entertainment
8 Civil
9 Library
10 Affiliated
11 Sailing
12 Admin

Members Update

As Members are aware the Club is in the process of migrating to new software, it is requested to update their personal information with the Club’s Office at the earliest which is mandatory for uninterrupted services.

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Landline Telephone No
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Email Id (to facilitate Monthly Bills)
  • Date of Birth
  • Residential Address
  • Billing Address
  • Company Address

New Year Hampers

The New Year Hamper Draw Results held on Wed, 1st Jan 2017 at 0030 Hrs are given below:

1st Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Ms Pooja Agarwal (AML – 743)

2nd Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Mr Anurodh Mohan Dayal (TY – 423)

3rd Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Capt. JBS Anand (A – 363)

4th Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Mr Tejinder Singh (T – 046)

5th Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Mrs Mala Bararia (A – 192)

6th Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Mrs Anchal Bararia (U – 027)

7th Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Ms Usha Ashok Kumar (LTT – 1213)

8th Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Mr Sanjiv Jolly (S – 343)

9th Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Mr Ashok Kumar (A – 090)

10th Prize Club Hamper – Sponsored by M/s Secunderabad Club
Winner: Mr Ashok Kumar (A- 090)

X’Mas and New Year Booking Details

a) Booking for Christmas and New Year’s Eve functions open on 15th Dec 2016.
b) Members are requested to book their tickets well in advance to ensure that they get a reserved table for New Year’s Eve.
c) Smart Card must be produced for bookings.
d) Only members and senior dependent members may make bookings for themselves, family and their guests.
e) Booking will not be accepted from members who are on the credit stop / posted list
f) Booking over telephone will not be accepted
g) Dependents below 16 years are not permitted for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve Dance
h) Reservation forms are to be filled and submitted to the booking counters and sign in the computerised receipt to obtain the Dance / Dinner / Breakfast entry ticket requested.
I) Members are requested to please check the Membership Numbers, Reference Numbers and the numbers of Dance / Dinner / Breakfast entry tickets issued before leaving the counter.
j) Partial cancellations are not permitted.
k) If tickets are misplaced / lost, duplicate tickets will not be issued.
l) Bookings close by 23rd Dec 2016 for Christmas and by 27th Dec 2016 for New Year’s Eve (Main Club and Sailing Annexe).
m) Table reservations for the New Year’s Eve Dance at the Main Club will be limited to only the first 2000 bookings or bookings done by 27th Dec 2016, whichever is earlier.
n) Table Reservations for New Year’s Eve Dance at the Sailing Annexe will be limited to the first 450 bookings or bookings done by 27th Dec 2016, whichever is earlier
o) Allocations of tables are through a computer generated order of booking and hence different bookings cannot be clubbed.
p) Ascertain your table number on 30th Dec against the reference number given at time of booking.
q) Member / Dependent should produce a valid Smart Card and entry ticket at the time of entry for the functions.
r) Guest should be accompanied by the Member till the end of the function.
s) Members / Guest are requested to adhere to the dress code and age stipulations to avoid disappointment.
t) Provision has been made at the entrance for members to check their table numbers against their booking reference number.
u) On New Year’s Eve dance, ushers will help you to locate your table as per the computerised allotment. Members are requested to occupy their respective tables and not to tamper other tables by removing the slip.

Traffic Regulations

Only Gate No. 1 will be open from 7.00 pm for entry only. All cars driven by chauffeurs are to be parked at the Horse Riding / Cricket Ground only. Member driven vehicles be parked at central parking areas near the Pump House and Health Club. Gates 1, 2 & 3 will be used for exit of motorcycles and cars.

Arrangement for children

A separate crèche is being organised at the Children’s Library Hall with essential amenities, arrangements and entertainment for children above the age of 2 years. Parents with children attending the New Year’s Eve Function may make use of this facility.


Any unidentified and suspicious objects in the toilet or any places / isolated places will not be touched but should be reported to the Reception immediately.

Any person who has gained unauthorised entry and is moving in a suspicious manner should be immediately reported to the nearest security staff.

No Outside Liquor Please

Please note that in consonance with the directions from the Excise Department, OUTSIDE LIQUOR IS NOT PERMITTED AT ALL, EVEN ON CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S EVE.


Members can order food parcels on their Smart Cards as per the following protocol. However, drivers and attendants are not permitted to collect the parcels:

a) Up to five (5) pax parcels of each item is permitted.
b) Six (6) to ten 10 pax parcels of each item are permitted in case a minimum of four (4) hours advance notice is given.
c) More than 10 pax parcels of each item are permitted with a minimum of four (4) hours notice and at double the price of the items.

Member Information Form

Download here
The filled in form can be e-mailed to

Carry Your Smart Card

Members are informed that the transition to new software will begin from 01st oct 2016 in all sports / service areas. After that day no register will be available for members to sign.

Please ensure that you carry the smart card at all times without fail to avail the facilities.

S.No Sporting Facilities Billing Location
1 Badminton / Squash Court / Physiotherapy Transit Reception
2 Table Tennis / Basket Ball / Health Club Health Club
3 Billiards / Men’s Saloon Colonnade Bar
4 Card Room Main Dining
5 Library / Beauty Parlour / Bridge Room Library
6 Swimming Pool Swimming Pool
7 Main reception Guest Main Reception
8 Main reception 2 Guest Main Reception 2
9 Children’s Library Ashoka Bay
10 Cricket Ground / Tennis Main Reception 2
11 Laundry Laundry
12 Fuel Pump Fuel Pump
13 Ratnadeep Main Reception
14 Yoga Library / Main Dining
15 Sailing Reception Guest Sailing Reception
16 Boat Shed Sailing Reception / Sagar Bay

Seeking Members Cooperation

  • Attendants and Ayahs are not allowed in the ​Club premises except in the Children’s Room and the Children’s Playground
  • Drivers and Attendants are not permitted to take Parcels even on behalf of the Members. They shall not enter the Clubbing areas and Dining Halls / Kitchens
  • Drivers and Helpers are not allowed inside Club Shop
  • Petrol / Diesel will not be supplied in cans
  • In the case of personal Chauffeurs of Members, they will be allowed in the areas marked as parking areas for chauffeur driven vehicles only
  • Speed Limit within the Club premises is 10 KMPH which must be strictly followed

Club Affiliation

The following clubs are now affiliated to the Secunderabad Club:
Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club
Batu 41/2 Jalan Pantai,
71050 Sirusa,
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
West Malaysia

Tel: 06-6471635, 06-6473505
Fax: 06-6474470

Indore Tennis Club
7, Race Course Road
Indore 452003

Tel: 0731-4066055
Fax: 0731-4069454

email: itc_indore


134 AGM – Amendments To Club Rules

Rule-XIV(1)(a) – Entrance (Application) Fee

(1)(a) Subject to the provisions of these Rules, Permanent Members, including those on the Wait-List, but excluding Member’s sons/daughters elected under Rule V(3) or under Rule VII, shall be required to pay an Entrance Fee of Rs. 5 Lacs plus applicable taxes. The payment of Entrance Fee would be regulated as under:

Rs. 2.5 Lacs as interest free Deposit at the time of application.
Rs. 1 Lac after interview at the time of issuing Temporary Membership Card.
Rs. 1.5 Lacs all at once plus all statutory applicable taxes on total Entrance Fee for being considered for confirmation.

Note: Those in the Wait List as on 31 July 2016 shall pay the difference amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- in lumpsum or maximum of 4 instalments of st Rs. 50,000/- each, by 31 December 2016, failing which their names shall be removed from the Wait List and Wait List Deposit of Rs. 50,000/- refunded.

AGM – 31.7.2016

Rule XXII(2)(e) : The Club Committee: Committee Elections

(e) Candidates contesting for election will not visit the residences/offices of the Permanent Members or communicate with them through letters, SMS’s th and emails for the purpose of canvassing. However, after 24 June of that
year, they may call Members on telephone during decent hours of the day and seek support. However they shall not make any calls to the Members who have registered for not being disturbed. List of such Members would be maintained by the Club in “DO NOT DISTURB” Registry. This list would be made available to the Candidates.

The Candidates are welcome to visit the Club and meet other Permanent Members in the Club premises and solicit their support.
AGM – 31.7.2016

Bengal Club Package Deal

The Bengal Club, Kolkatta, one of the country’s pre-eminent clubs has offered a unique opportunity for its Reciprocal Members.

It has offered a package deal for our members to witness one of the most unique festivals of India; Durga Puja. The facilities available for those interested are: Well appointed rooms with a private balcony, A/C, private bathrooms, Cable TV, Refrigerator, Digital Safe, WiFi, Car rental via reception and a round the clock personal attendant for each chamber.

This offer is valid from 1st to 14th October.

Participation In Election & AGM

Members may please note that only subscribing Permanent Members who have completed payment of their Entrance Fee and Club dues of the previous months have the right to take part in the Club Election or AGM.

No Guest will be permitted in the Club premises on Sunday, 24th July 2016 from 4 PM onwards till the close of balloting.

Secunderabad Club Going Green – Adopt A Tree

Tree Plantation is planned by the Club during the forthcoming rainy season.
Members desirous of participating in this initiative may do so by paying Rs 500/- as a one-time payment by any mode preferred by them which will be acknowledged by the Club through the media of News Letter.

Club Secretary may be contacted for details in this regard.

Club Affiliation

Members will be happy to know that our Club is now also affiliated to The Koramangala Club, Bangalore:

Postal Address:
A-17, 6th Cross, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 095
Telephone: 080-42679000 | Email:

Amendment To Club Bye Law No 23(g)

Bye Law No 23 Parking
(g) Penalty for Wrong Parking
For any wrong parking a penalty of Rs 300/- will be imposed instead of Rs 100/-

Members are requested to make note of it.

Schedule Of Annual Events

S.No Event Date
1 Last date of intimation to the Secretary
regarding being a Candidate for Election
Tue, 31st May 2016
2 Last date for Withdrawal of Candidature Tue, 14th June 2016
3 Introductory Meeting with the Candidates
Contesting for Election @ 6.30 PM
Fri, 24th June 2016
4 Annual Election Meeting @ 5.30 PM Sun, 24th July 2016
5 Annual General Meeting @ 5.30 PM Sun, 31st July 2016

An Appeal To Members

Speed Limit:
Members are requested to restrict their driving speed limit to 10kmph in the Club premises, which is mandatory.

Management Matters

Reservation of rooms at transit quarters
Members are requested to please note that with immediate effect Transit Room reservations shall be done through written communication/email only. No oral/telephonic blocking and booking shall be accepted.
Appeal to members to conserve water & power
Members are requested to:
a. Preferably use bucket and mug for bathing
b. If must, restrict taking shower only for 5 to 7 minutes
c. Close the taps after use
d. Switch off fans and lights when not in use
On-duty staff have been instructed to remind the Members who do not follow the above suggestions.
Members are requested to cooperate.

Members Club Bills

We are happy that Members monthly Club Bills can now be perused by them on the Club’s Website

Consequently, many Members may not be interested in getting Hard copies of their monthly Club Bills. All such Members are requested to indicate their willingness in writing to the Club Secretary to stop sending them Hard copies of their monthly Club Bills, without prejudice to relevant Club Rules on the subject.

Secunderabad Club Going Green – Adopt A Tree

Tree Plantation is planned by the Club during the forthcoming rainy season.

Members desirous of participating in this initiative may do so by paying Rs 500/- as a one-time payment by any mode preferred by them which will be acknowledged by the Club through the media of News Letter. Club Secretary may be contacted for details in this regard.

Advertising In The Club’s Media

Members will be happy to know that they can advertise their products, brands or ventures through the media available in the Club:

Tariffs for Advertising

Item Tariff
News Letter Back Page Full Rs. 46,000/-
News Letter Inner Page Full Rs. 30,000/-
News Letter Inner Page Half Rs. 18,000/-
Website Banner Rs. 18,000/-
Display Space on Event Days Rs. 58,000/-
Display Space on Non Event Days Rs. 30,000/-

Taxes as applicable.

Payment of Dues

Members are requested to recapitulate that:

  • It shall be the duty of every member to ascertain his dues to the Club from time to time and no failure to pay his dues within the prescribed period shall be excused for reason of absence of intimation to him of such dues
  • The Member’s bill will be normally despatched in the second week of the following month to enable the Member to verify his dues and pay them in full by 25th of the following month, with the cashier of the Main Club upto 5.30 PM or in the Andhra Bank Secunderabad Club Branch, upto 8 PM but in any case not later than the 5th of the subsequent month, failing which the credit of the Member shall cease and penalty of 4% will be levied on all outstanding dues from 6th onwards
  • Drop Boxes for the cheques are kept at Main Club and Sailing Annexe upto 4th of the month and cheques dropped and cash payments made till that date are handed over in the Andhra Bank on 5th of the month for accounting in favour of the Club
  • On 5th, cash and cheque payments can be made only at the Main Club (till 5.30 PM on all working days except Saturdays till 4.30 PM) and Andhra Bank at the Main Club (till 8PM on all working days except Saturdays upto 5.30 PM)
  • Membership shall be deemed to cease if a Member fails or refuses to pay the dues of the Club for any period exceeding six months

This practice has been in vogue for some time now, which the new members also may please note.

Online Payment / NEFT
As members know, the facility to pay Secunderabad Club bills online has been live for some time now.
We would like to remind the members of a few codicils to keep in mind when using this method

  • It takes 3 days for online transactions to reflect in the club account. Therefore, we request Members who utilize the online payment facility to pay by the 1st of every month. We are working to resolve this small issue, but in the meantime, members are requested to comply
  • If a payment is done through NEFT, a separate email must be sent to with Membership No., Amount, Transaction ID and Bank Name

NEFT Details
Acc. No. : 116811011000001
Bank Name : Andhra Bank, Secunderabad Club Branch

Special drive to eliminate drunken driving

It is brought to the notice of the Members and their Dependents that in a Special Meeting with the concerned Government authorities on 25 Jan 2016, The Commissioner has cautioned that with effect from 1st March 2016 strict action shall be taken by the concerned authorities against, ‘Drunken Driving’, ‘Talking on Mobile while Driving’, and ‘Helmet less Driving’.

The Commissioner, Excise specially requested the Club Members & Staff to be educated to be extremely careful in this regard and ensure that only a person/driver who has not taken any alcoholic drinks is at the wheels of the vehicle in which they are travelling. In extreme cases, the Club may be held responsible for defaults of its Members.

Members are requested to take extreme precautions in this regard and ensure that they and their Dependents do not flout these rules.

For your convenience, Taxi/Auto Services are available round the clock as follows:
(a) Taxi at Transit Quarters (Mob:9989235741)
(b) ‘Ola’ & ‘Taxi for Sure’ and such like other taxi services
(c) ‘Uber’, who in exceptional circumstances are willing to provide Free short ride to our Members

Hiring a Boat for Birthday Parties

Now Members can hire a boat for Birthday Parties at Rs. 600/- per Boat, upto the Buddha Statue and back for maximum of 4 persons in each Boat, after indemnifying the Club in writing for safety reasons.

This facility is available for Members with effect from 1 March 2016, within the time period permitted for boating.

Amendment to Club Bye Law No. 42(j)(ii)

Special Parties At Main Club & Sailing Annexe
• Members may note that Flash Lights with Umbrellas for photography are now permitted during Special Parties with effect from 1st March 2016.
• Small bands (maximum 2 people) with low decibel levels and paid for by the host are now permitted during Special Parties at both Main Club and Sailing Annexe.

Mobile Chargers

For the convenience of the Members, mobile chargers have been placed at the following locations:

1. Reception 1
2. Reception 2
3. Reception Transit Quarters
4. Reception Sailing Annexe
5. Ladies Beauty Parlor
6. Men’s Dressing Room
7. Gym & Card Room
8. Badminton Courts
9. Tennis Courts
10. Swimming Pool, Ladies and Gents Dressing Rooms


With immediate effect, Members can obtain parcels against their smart cards as per the following protocol:
• Upto 5 parcels of each item is permitted.
• 6 to 10 parcels of each item permitted in case minimum 4 hrs advance notice is given.
• More than 10 parcels of each item permitted with minimum of 4 hrs notice and at double the price of the items.

No-smoking In Transit Rooms

Members will be happy to know that all Transit Rooms are Non-Smoking Rooms. Penalty for each default is Rs. 2000/-

Games Subscription For Children

Following Subscriptions are applicable w.e.f. Jan 2016:
• 5-16 years of age Rs. 100/- for each game. Register must be signed accordingly
• No changes in already existing charges for children

Sports & Games

Now Members can hire the Squash Court for Rs. 2000/- per day between 10:30 am to 3:30 pm (5 hrs), subject to availability. Contact the Sports Manager, Mr. Satrin.