Regimental Coat of Arms

Our Club has one of the most majestic halls at the entrance from the Main Portico.

The proportions of the Colonnade with its wooden paneling, bar counter, buttery bar at the side opening on to the Fountain Lawns through its foldable doors and excellent wood and leather furniture exudes absolute class.

The eastern end of the Colonnade wall has what we think the largest collection of Regimental Coat-of- arms in the Country.

These Regimental Shields represent troops who have been associated probably with the Secunderabad Cantonment over the decades.

Many of them go back to over a century, some even disbanded or merged with other battalions.

A few years back an attempt was made to do research about these Regiments, unfortunately it did not bring results.

Currently we are in the process of talking to a art restorer who is also a historian to do research and write about these Regiments and their origins!!