Special Parties – Sailing Annexe

Hall Information

Members can host parties at the Club at the following places:

Sailing Annexe

Royal Ark I & II (Combined)
Minimum Booking: 80 Paxs
Maximum Capacity: 90 Paxs
Purpose: Lunch & Dinner Parties
Charges: Rs. 6,000/-

Royal Ark I (AC)
Minimum Booking: 25 Paxs
Maximum Capacity: 30 Paxs
Purpose: Lunch & Dinner Parties
Charges: Rs. 2,900/-

Royal Ark II (AC)
Minimum Booking: 50 Paxs
Maximum Capacity: 60 Paxs
Purpose: Lunch & Dinner Parties
Charges: Rs. 3,100/-

Captain’s Lounge (AC)
Minimum Booking: 30 Paxs
Maximum Capacity: 40 Paxs
Purpose: Lunch & Dinner Parties
Charges: Rs. 4,000/-

Dining Hall
Minimum Booking: 75 Paxs
Maximum Capacity: 90 Paxs
Purpose: Dinner Parties Only

Lakeside Lawn
Minimum Booking: 30 Paxs
Maximum Capacity: 40 Paxs
Purpose: Dinner Parties Only

Sagar Bay
Minimum Booking: 50 Paxs
Maximum Capacity: 60 Paxs
Purpose: Lunch & Dinner Parties
Charges: Rs. 1,000/-

Party Timings

Lunch: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Tea Parties/Birthday Parties & Hi-Tea: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Note: The Timings cannot be extended. Where Tea Parties/Birthday/Hi-Tea Parties are required beyond 7 pm, dinner rate will prevail

  • The Club Administration has the right to reserve any of the facilities to host any Club function
  • Minimum number of persons should be for any Special Party as per the minimum booking
  • VAT will be levied on all food and beverage items (excluding Liquor) at the rate of 14.5%/A/Cs to look as applicable
  • Minimum charges will be for guaranteed number of persons even if a lower number of people attend the party
  • 100% advance is to be paid 48 hrs prior to party. Menu and number of paxs to be finalized, at least 48 hrs in advance, and no changes will be entertained
  • Use of Dias, Stage, Carpet, Podium and Mikes are not permitted. Only available Club linen and furniture is to be used for the party arrangements
  • Drivers, Servants & personal attendants/assistants are not allowed
  • Party Games like Tambola, Kitty Cards etc., are not permitted
  • Outside refreshments are not permitted, except Birthday Cake
  • Existing lighting is to be used and no additional lighting can be provided, however, serial bulbs can be ordered on payment of additional charges in the Lawn areas
  • Photography/Videography will be permitted. No external halogen lamps are permitted
  • Members have no claim on the leftover food
  • Engagements, Wedding Ceremonies, Cradle Ceremonies and Religious Rituals are not permitted
  • Private Meetings, Interviews & Conferences are not permitted
  • Parking Charges extra (Rs. 500/- plus valet parking)

Cancellation Charges

  • Upto 10 days: Rs. 1000/-
  • 48 hrs and less: Rs. 20/- per head + Rs. 1000/-
  • 24 hrs and less: Rs. 50/- per head + Rs. 1000/-
  • 8 hrs and less: Full charges (food & reservation)


  • No decoration taking support of the structures is allowed
  • No outside agencies are allowed to take up decorations
  • Garlanding, Clapping, Cheering/Speeches are not permitted
  • Stand-alone decorations like self supporting flower arrangements are permitted
  • Serial bulbs lighting in the lawns can be permitted
  • Outside music equipment and furniture are not allowed

Dress Code

  • Chappals & Collarless T-Shirts are not permitted
  • Lungis are not permitted, however Dhotis worn in Andhra Style is permitted

Rules for Sailing Annexe Banquet Halls at Sailing Annexe

  • In case of Music/Sound both halls have to be booked, Royal Ark I and Royal Ark II
  • No decorations allowed on the walls or suspended from the ceiling
  • No garlanding will be permitted. Bouquets however will be allowed. Only Table Flower arrangements will be permitted, Flower Decoration suspended from ceiling or on walls is not permitted. No balloons or other decorations allowed
  • Photography/Videography will be permitted only inside the halls. No external halogen lamps permitted
  • LCD projector, screen with operator charges Rs. 2500/- (if arranged through the Club). Operator will be from the club only
  • Charges for sound only either or Ambient Music – Rs. 1000/-

Note: Members will be charged 50% extra over the tariff of banquet parties, in case the party guests exceed 10% of the minimum guaranteed guests.

Banquet Menu – Indian


Banquet Menu – Continental




Menu Tariff

    • Vegetarian menu (Any Four) – Rs. 310/- + Tax per head
    • Two Non-Veg. & Three Veg. – Rs. 425/- + Tax per head
    • Three Non-Veg. & Four Veg. – Rs. 450/- + Tax per head

Soup will be charged at Rs. 30/- extra
Addl. Desert will be charged at Rs. 40/- per head

    • Tea Party/Birthday Party/Kitty Party

Veg. – Rs. 225/- + Tax
Two Non-Veg. – Rs. 290/- + Tax
Three Non-Veg – Rs. 310/- + Tax

a) For 0-49 pax increase Rs. 50/- per head
b) For 50-99 pax increase Rs. 40/- per head w.e.f 01 July 2013
100 above same rate
c) For instant order of Snacks 50% charge will be extra